About us

Welcome to Pipsmashers, a site that helps you to break into forex and earn a decent living trading currencies.

When I first learned about forex, I met people (traders and content creators) who promised me overnight success. Their books and content talked about how I could quickly become rich by trading currencies. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and after so many months, I was still wallowing in losses. Were it not for my thirst for knowing about the market, I would have forgotten about forex long ago. 

Fast forward many years later, and my journey in forex trading has been a transformative learning experience, ultimately refining my skills as a trader. Now that my trading results have gotten better, I thought it was time to share my acquired knowledge with the global community through this website and assist struggling traders in transitioning from losses to profitability.

Pipsmasher is all about helping you learn how to collect the most amount of pips from a trade and be profitable. Now, I won’t promise you overnight success, having personally encountered such misleading assurances. However, I guarantee access to real-time insights from personal experience on how to thrive in forex trading.

Through this platform, I will recount real-life trading scenarios, shedding light on the mistakes and successes I’ve made over the past few years. You will learn.

  • The scams & ripoffs to avoid
  • How to avoid losing your capital
  • Ways of getting better at trading
  • How I profit in forex
  • True and false about forex
  • How to convince investors to fund you
  • How to increase your trading income
  • The tools for trading success
  • Trading income secrets
  • …and more!

By learning from my experiences, you’ll gain valuable insights into what to avoid in your trading journey and discover strategies that ensure success. Hope you will enjoy the content on this site and if you have anything to share, please do so in the comment section. Thanks, and let’s get started.

Need more help? Can’t find something? Reach out at deromondi29@gmail.com.